Contractor Management

Hazzle Free Working

Maintain a list of contractors. Leading towards better preference, better performance generate the contract and agreements standards deal upon what will happen after the contract is approved?



Choose Wisely (Track the progress)

  • Manage multiple Contractors through a centralized platform.
  • Keep track of all the deals and contracts signed between you and the contractor.
  • Track the progress of the contract and legal agreements in real-time.
  • Receive messages and alerts related to expiry and renewal or changes in contract in real-time.



Stay Intact

  • Avoid the manual documents for agreements and contracts with a fully digitalized system.
  • Review the expected benefits and financial returns on a contract at any time.
  • Stay aware of the changes to prevent dispute or surprises.
  • Approve and reject contracts as per your need.
  • Proper information to understand how the contract will work once awarded.