Our Precious Clients

Our Customer

Who are our clients?

Techwave IT Solutions clients are many of the largest and most widely-respected commercial and industrial engineering, construction, and field service companies in their respective industry segments.  Our clients typically offer a diverse range of engineering, construction or maintenance services, operate out of multiple locations, states or countries, employee project management personnel, engineering/design staff, skilled tradespeople who self-perform field construction work, and skilled technicians who perform field service work.

What type of work do they do?

Our clients span the entire spectrum of the Engineering, Construction and Service / Maintenance construction industries.  They design, build, and maintain commercial, industrial, institutional, and civil facilities and infrastructure.  

What are the most common reasons contractors come to Techwave IT Solutions Technologies?

Engineering, Construction and Service firms come to Techwave IT Solutions Technologies driven by the need to improve upon a multitude of construction management difficulties stemming from inadequate information systems, such as:

  • Multiple, non-integrated systems that result in duplicate / triplicate data entry and data inconsistency.
  • Inability or significant difficulty accessing and reporting upon data which resides in existing systems.
  • Lack of required functionality in legacy systems.
  • Too many critical financial and operational processes being performed manually or not at all.
  • The business entity has grown more complex, and legacy systems do not have the depth or breadth needed to properly manage operations.
  • Field operations have grown larger, driving the need for mobile field data collection.
  • Service contractors, such as mechanical / hvac contractors, must maintain duplicate records due to construction and service management being in multiple systems.